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Medisend Protect


Natural signals as protection against the effects of EMF radiation

Medisend: 1 of the 9 frequencies of this pulsed magnetic field device is perfect for coping with radiation. Its small, portable and worn under uniforms all over the world.

Medisend Protect: A USB powered smaller version of the Medisend with just 2 frequencies.

EMF Personal Protection Equipment

Medisend Protect USB powered EMF protection for laptop and PC
Medisend portable EMF protection

When you can not get away from radiation in aircraft, car, work or home

this is the best thing you can do. Guaranteed

Advanced Medical Systems GmbH EMF protection

Why is it the best

Advanced Medical Systems GmbH

EMF Radiation Protection Devices by AMS GmbH

Dr rer nat Wolfgang Ludwig has been the absolute authority on pulsed magnetic field therapy for the last 35 years.

His research showed that certain frequencies could produce a self healing response and that the application with a pulsed magnetic field was far superior compared to using electrical impulses.

This is because mater IS electro- magnetic fields. The devices he made therefore have the ability to stimulate every cell and even inside the cell.

His results have always been superior because he incorporated near perfect replications of the signals found in nature, like the schumann frequencies (7.8Hz like the memory centre in the brain) and very importantly, the geomagnetic frequencies. These are the frequencies produced by 64 trace elements in the earths crust (the same 64 as found in red blood cells). This is true Yin Yang approach and made his devices so much more effective.

Still made in Germany and used the world over on people and animals.

The best solution to radiation is elimination or shielding from it, so it can not get to you.

This is not always possible or practical  at work, whilst driving or even at home.

Radiation from man made sources is not natural and the body experiences them as a stress signal on which the body will waste enormous amounts energy fighting them in vain.

The devices below produce a near perfect replica of the natural magnetic fields we are meant to be exposed to on earth. Your body draws strength from this and is able to ignore the stress signals.

There are so many useless or over priced gadgets available on the market when it comes to EMF 'protection' and the devices here are certainly not cheap. We therefore offer with confidence the following guarantee so you can try this with no risk.

If within 60 days of receiving and trying your AMS device, you don't absolutely love it... you can return it to us for a refund, as long as it is in an 'as new' state.

You pay for postage back and only 1 return per family allowed to avoid abuse. Small additional conditions apply.

Watch a Video AMS and its director Dr Frank Beck