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Set to sensitivity of nerve cells - Measure body & identify intruders

Measuring the Ether is...interesting.

Measuring what the body absorbs is... much more important. - EMF Spy, High and Low frequency measuring


The EMF Spy - Measure the body, not just the ether.

Custom made EMF meter for measurement and identification of EMF

The EMF Spy is unique.

Made with the desire to measure and identify intruders of High and Low frequency EMF in the body and not so much the ether. Measuring the EMF in the ether is interesting for scientists, but what is more important to someone who wants to know how health is affected, is to measure the body of the person, animal or plant.

Child Care Centre under mobile phone tower EMF radiation


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Once you know that your exposure is too high there are a range of quality Geovital Shielding Solutions that will reduce your exposure dramatically. This you will be able to verify with your EMF Spy after they have been put in place.

Purchase your EMF Spy now and take control.

Improve your life, the environment of your loved ones, or your patient's well being.

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Optional Case with custom foam for your Trifield Meter.
EMF mobile phone tower

Main reasons why the EMF Spy is a unique EMF meter:

- The sensitivity of this device is based on that of the human nerve ends (1 μV = 1 Micro Volt) so it is designed for measurements in relation to health.

- EMF Spy can measure the ether, but can also measure the body of a person, animal or plant which is far more important.

- EMF Spy can measure objects like spectacles and jewellery for their ability to attract EMF. (Under wires in a bra are now suspected to contribute to breast cancer this way)

- It has a speaker to make EMF audible. With practice you will be able to recognise and identify your EMF intruders. Are they far away, or in the homes around you?

High Frequency (HF) EMF

It's major claim to fame is it's abilities to measure and allow you to identify High Frequency radiation. It has a few aerial options to find the highest values. Sources of HF are:

- Transmitter / Mobile phone towers

- Wifi and cordless phone systems

- Mobile phones

- Amateur radio

- Digital TV broadcasts

- Radar

- Smart meters

Optional Accessories

The EMF Spy can be expanded on with a few optional extras. Making it an even more versatile instrument.


- High sensitive headset to identify audio in more detail. (The headset jack can also be used to lead audio to a recording device so you record and archive your findings)

Photon Panel - Measure Light Quality

- A separate Photon (Light) Panel can be plugged in to measure/listen to the light quality. Light is electromagnetic energy and 'noisy' light is thought to irritate organisms.

Low Frequency (LF) Fields

It also has the ability to measure Low Frequency electric fields often found near power supply cables and appliances (Not electro magnetic fields). With it's telescopic aerial even natural LF fields can be made audible.

Sources of LF are:

- Cabling in walls and to the building

- Street and High Voltage Power Lines

- Appliances

- Natural fields (Sferics)

E Spy EMF meter 40mm aerial
Contact Aerial on EMF meter E Spy
Telescopic Aerial on E Spy EMF meter

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