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EMF Spy High Frequency detection and identification device - - Trifield meter 100XE EMF meter
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We are Australian distributors of the Trifield Meter. But we have additional EMF meters that are suitable for EMF measurement by the health conscious.



Measuring Electromagnetic fields with 3 axis at the same time avoids false readings.

Electromagnetic fields travel in a direction. With a single axis measuring device you would need to angle it all different ways to find the highest values. This is intense and leaves you unsure.

The Trifield Meter measures on 3 axis. Hold anyway you like for Electomagnetic field.

Jewellery and other metal objects worn on a person, now thought to burden health due to their attraction of high frequency radiation of mobile phone towers and other sources.

e.g. Under wires in bras, necklaces, spectacles.

Measure this and radiation in the body (not just the ether) with the 'EMF Spy'. READ

Breast cancer and melatonin: Magnetic fields block melatonin's oncostatic (anti-cancer) action

By Liburdy RP, Sloma TR, Sokolic R, Yaswen P

Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Life Science Division, Lawrence Berkley Laboratory, US Berkley, CA 94720

Exposer to between 2 and 12 mG of magnetic field blocks melatonin's natural oncostatic (anticarcinogen) action.

View at PubMed:

More EMF research at the Geovital Academy. Go to Geovital

Cases for the Trifield meter

We have a case available that fits both the Trifield Meter and the EMF Spy.

Protect your investment.

Store your EMF meter

When you want answers to make decisions on, about your health... get those answers from quality tools and buy them from someone who uses them, who you can call to ask questions.

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You are worried about radiation and rightly so. It's easy to be exposed. Take control.

Our experience has shown modern living exposes us to EMF radiation (electronic pollution) nearly always. We have also seen wonderful recoveries to good health in chronically ill people, by trustworthy shielding solutions put into place. Measuring what you are exposed to is the first step.

We can help you with quality tools, set to sensitivities relevant to making decisions about how it affects you.

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EMF meters and protection devices

Measuring EMF is not hard, but you need a quality tool, set to a sensitivity which is suitable for the health conscious. Please have a look around, ring us to place your order or ask some questions.

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Geovital trains doctors, therapists and other people to do home assessments for low level radiation. The network of assessors is growing. Find someone near you. geovital

Geovital's network of assessors

Learn how to do assessments

Geovital Academy has workshops on how to do home assessments for environmental radiation, both man-made and natural. Students can become part of their nation wide assessor network. Learn

Bioinitiative Report

Many PhD's compiled the available research on electronic pollution and health. An eye opening collection of facts. Download it and get educated.

Adults and children are spending more and more time on the computer. The Medisend Protect noticably improves your well being and greatly delays the effects of computer use.

USB Powered EMF protection - EMF meters to make decisions with

Watch how easy you are exposed to EMF radiation in the workplace.

Watch a Video of EMF radiation measured in the workplace witht the Trifield meter
Underwires attract EMF radiation