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Cope with radiation EMF PPE - Radiation Protection devices by Advanced Medical Systems GmbH
Cope with radiation EMF PPE - Radiation Protection devices by Advanced Medical Systems GmbH - Video Advanced Medical Systems GmbH

For when you can not get away from EMF Radiation

At home or at work, if you can't stay clear of EMF radiation, this is the best radiation protection you can have. Guaranteed. - Medisend Portable EMF Radiation Protection

The Medisend - Portable EMF protection and more.

Worn under uniforms all over the world.

Manufactured in Germany by Advanced Medical Systems GmbH.



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Futher Information

What are the three “Biological Normals”?

Why are they essential for good health?

Schumann-, geomagnetic- and solar-frequency spectra

The importance of these three natural environmental signals is proven by the research and development work carried out more than 40 years ago by the internationally recognized Dr. LUDWIG® independently and in cooperation with NASA (Prof. PERSINGER) and the Max Planck Institute (Prof. WEVER). During the first manned space flights the astronauts suffered serious physiological problems. For this reason, today’s manned satellites are fitted with “frequency generators” which generate natural Schumann- and (!) geomagnetic-frequency spectra in balanced proportion. This technical know-how – developed by Dr. LUDWIG – is packed into your small MEDISEND®protect. In his research and development work he respected the millennia-old knowledge of ancient classical Chinese medicine: “Man needs at least two environmental signals, a Yang signal from above (Schumann frequency) and a Yin signal from below (geomagnetic frequency), which should be in equilibrium.”

The three Biological Normals: principles – function – application

Throughout his life Dr. W. LUDWIG studied biophysical interactions in the biological system. Based on his findings he developed more than 40 years ago pulsating magnetic-field devices which generate an electromagnetic alternating field which is read from undisturbed nature and reproduced in the correct ratio. His first pocket-sized magnetic-field device was named MEDISEND® – it is still available in a modified form on the market and is referred to affectionately by thousands of satisfied customers as “Little Ludwig”. In undisturbed nature there are signals which are bioenergetically important to humans beings: Schumann, geomagnetic and solar frequencies.

See the illustration below; for further information, see also:

MEDISEND®protect generates – like the MEDISEND® – two Biological Normals:

Schumann-Waves and Geomagnetic-Waves

Schumann Waves

The Earth’s surface is surrounded by the ionosphere at an altitude of approx. 100 km. Like in a musical instrument (e.g. violin), natural resonances occur in this huge cavity resonator.

These natural resonances are known as Schumann frequencies after their discoverer, physicist W. O. Schumann. The fundamental component is 7.8 Hz. The main command center of the human brain, the hippocampus / hypothalamus vibrates at the same frequency of 7.8 Hz; this area of the brain is important for attentiveness and concentration. Is this coincidence or evolution?

Geomagnetic Waves

The earth’s crust contains 64 elements which are vital as the so-called trace elements. Each of these trace elements possesses its own characteristic type of vibration. The earth’s magnetic field is influenced or modulated by these vibrations, the resulting modulation being known as geomagnetic waves.

The earth crust contains the same essentially vital mineral material („trace elements“) as those existing in the red blood corpuscles of humans. The relation among one another in the earth crust as well as in the blood is nearly the same.

Hippocampus: Area of the brain on both sides behind the eyes. It is responsible for the attention and concentration capabilities and also plays a role during sleep and dreams -> increased activity. The electromagnetic signals (or brain waves) of the hippocampus in all mammals have a frequency of 7.8 Hz resonating with the main inherent value of Schumann waves.

The brain continuously produces electromagnetic signals (EEG). The following different signals are produced (in order of frequency): delta waves (1 – 3 Hz), theta waves (4 – 7 Hz), hippocampus waves (7.8 Hz) alpha waves (8 – 13 Hz) and beta waves (14 – 30 Hz).

Solar Waves

For the sake of completeness, we refer at this point to a third natural source of important signals, which come from the Sun. The Sun emits not only light that is visible to us, but also a wide spectrum of low frequencies well into the ultraviolet and X-ray ranges. In particular, it is the frequencies in the ultra-short wave range of this spectrum which resonate with the cellular building blocks in the organism (see illustration below).

The small devices MEDICUR®, METRONOM solar and MEDICUR®color generate, in addition, also the solar frequency.

Find out about the small and hand-held devices:


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Today these natural signals are on the one hand weakened and on the other hand superimposed, i.e. disrupted, by harmful environmental signals (e.g. technical transmitters / electrosmog / cellphone radiation, etc.). This weakening is caused firstly by the screening effect of buildings (the higher the frequency into the light range, the bigger the weakening), and secondly by a lowering of the groundwater level compared with earlier and thus gives rise to reduced electrical ground conductance (regulation of rivers, pumping out of groundwater by business establishments, drainage, asphalting, etc.).

Important for You!

Only the magnetic field therapy devices developed by Dr. rer. nat. W. Ludwig produce a biologically-active electromagnetic field which accurately mimics and correctly correlates to these naturally-occurring energies. On activation, they emit these frequencies via a coil.

Therefore please look for the arrow symbol. It is an international trademark and proof of high quality.


60 Day satisfaction guarantee on Advanced Medical Systems GmbH hand held devices
medisend protable EMF protection
medisend protable EMF protection

It is not cheap.

Then why do thousands of users world wide love it

and call it their 'little Ludwig' for more reasons than EMF protection?

There are natural electro magnetic signals that are very important to every living organism on earth and many of our internal rhythems depend on them. We are often deprived of these signals by modern lifestyle, electrical wiring, appliances, microwaves from communication devices and towers, but also tall buildings, asphalt and drains can distort these natural signals.

The Medisend, invented by Dr Wolfgang Ludwig the father of magnetic field therapy, produces a near perfect replica of these natural signals we are meant to receive. This strengthens our immune system, supports internal processes and rhythems and can stimulate a self healing response of the organism (human, animal or plant).

9 Different Frequencies - One of which for EMF Protection

Many different frequencies have been found by scientist over the years that have proven to be beneficial for certain situations, illness, viruses and more. In the therapy devices that Dr Ludwig made, these frequencies can be dailled up. In the Medisend the most important ones for personal benefit are available to you.

1.2 Hz - EMF Protection - has shown to be exceptionally powerful when it comes to providing your body with an active signal to counter the stress response your body usually experienced when exposed to EMF (Electronic Pollution). The energy drain from driving a car, working on the computer or in an environment with electric and electro magnetic fields is dramatically reduced. People are constantly amazed at the difference in energy going to work with or without their Medisend. It also promotes Deep Dreamless Sleep when placed under the pillow.

3 Hz & 4 Hz - Relaxation, Restlessness, Insomnia, Nervous Tension, Stress - This frequency aids relaxation. It is also the same frequency (3 Hz) your brain produces when you are asleep. Many put the Medisend under their pillow at 3 Hz and worrying thoughts or loud internal debate seems to just quite down and as they relax they drift of into a wonderful sleep. The medisend can be programmed to turn off after 30min, long enough to get to sleep.

7.8 Hz & 8.2 Hz - Lack of Concentration, Balancing - This (7.8 Hz) is the original Schumann Frequency of the electro magnetic field that goes around the earth. NASA developed frequency generators for every manned space craft based on the work of Dr Ludwig to counter many health issues experienced by Astronauts. It is also the same frequency your memory centre works at.

This helps balance or ground a person. It is also used to put a more neutral frequency in watery foods or drinks.

10 Hz & 12 Hz - General Well being, Weather Sensitivity, Travel Sickness

20 Hz & 33 Hz - Fitness, Tiredness, Low energy, Fatigue, Exhaustion

Incorportate remedies if you like

Your Medisend comes with a extra back plate. This back plate has a position for a remedy ampoule. The pulsed magnetic fields of your Medisend has the ability to pick up and transmit energetic remedies like homeopathics, flower remedies and others. This way you receive the benefits of those remedies without the possibility to get receive too much of the remedy.

Technical Specs

Physiological reach of the magnetic field: 30cm (60cm diameter)

Weight: 52g    Battery:AAA included

Battery life: Much longer than you would expect.

Size: 50x66x15mm (without the ampoule holder)

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