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60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

You don't have to take the risk. Try it, if you are not a raving fan within 60 days, send it back.

Guarantee - Advanced Medical Systems GmbH



Satisfaction Guarantee Conditions for


In any business transaction there is a balance of risk. Mostly, that balance is in favour of the person selling you the goods. As in, you use the item and there is nothing wrong with it, you wont be able to return it after trying it if you just changed your mind or it is not like you expected. You certainly can't return it after a long period of time after having given it a good go.

We know our hand held devices are such amazing pieces of equipment, that when you have one for yourself, or for your family, you will be raving about it! You will have an urge to tell your friends and other family members and you might be lending them yours to try.

However, we might believe that.... but you don't know that yet and you might fear you spend the money and it is not doing what you hoped it would do. Therefore we would like to make it easy for you to try a hand held device with very little risk on your part by making the following arrangement with you.

If, within 60 days of receiving the device, you are not 100% satisfied

that the AMS Hand Held Device you purchased from us is worth every single cent you paid for it...

You may return the device in good order and we will refund the purchase price of the device in full,

excluding postage and handling, and in accordance with the following conditions.

We prefer that you ring us early if you are not finding major benefit or have questions

so we might be able to help you get more out of the device.

- if you wish to return the device under our money back satisfaction guarantee you must:

   1. Telephone within 60 days of purchase to advise us of your dis-satisfaction.

   2. Return the device and the original packaging to the address advised to you at the time of your telephone discussion with us.

   3. If returning the device by post, it must be well packaged to ensure the safety of the device and be returned by registered mail and you may wish to insure it.

   4. Do not  send the device to our PO Box as it may be unattended for a period of time.

   5. The device may have been used and must not be marked, worn or damaged in any way. The device must be in ‘as new’ order.

   6. Some devices come with optional attachments, such as a Velcro patch and band or a spare back plate to the housing to incorporate an ampoule etc. All optional attachments must be returned in ‘as new’ order for a full refund. We can not give a refund if you have attached the Velcro patch (depending on model) or anything else to the device, if you damaged the housing or other parts (eg by attaching an ampoule holder depending of model), caused internal damage by opening the housing or caused  wear to any printed markings or text  on the device. We recommend that to keep the device safe and to not void the satisfaction guarantee, do not attach anything to the device or open the housing, except to replace a battery if needed. You may wish to keep the device in a small ziplock bag during the 60 day period to help to avoid any staining, damage or wear marks.

   7. Refunds may only be made by the same method as the original payment. eg: credit card payment will result in a  credit card refund.

   8. Once a device has been taken back under the Satisfaction Guarantee, no satisfaction guarantee will apply to other purchases by the same customer/family in order to avoid abuse. That means that if you choose to return one, but have bought another before returning the first or after returning the first, the Satisfaction Guarantee will not apply to the other device(s) that you purchase(d). (PLEASE NOTE: If you bought one, loved it, kept it, and want to buy another model, then of course the same Guarantee will be happily extended to you. We would love for you to fall in love with the other models too!)

We are confident in offering this Satisfaction Guarantee, because we know how much we love our own devices, how much owners love their devices and we are pretty sure you will love yours too when you get yours.

So why wait, order one today!

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