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Many things can be done to remove or reduce radiation exposure at home.

Geovital as a holistic approach. Have a look what shielding really means.

Video - Radiation Shielding

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What is radiation shielding really about?

There are so many uneffective products available that consumers can hardly figure out what is actual protection against radiation.

In this video you see Sascha Hahnen of Geovital in Austria walk us though some before measurements, shielding application using T98 Aplha shielding paint and NOVA shielding fabric, and finally the after measurements of EMF.

The radiation reduced in this video as the most common found in modern homes; High frequency electromagnetic and low frequency electric fields.

The EMF SPY is a much more meaningful tool for any person wanting to assess and shield against high frequency radiation.

Available through Geovital Academy/OxyMed.

Call us to order yours now. 03 9020 1330 or 0407 680 812

EMF Meter for High and Low Frequency radiation, the E Spion

Measure and identify High Frequency radiation sources with the EMF Spy.