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Exposure to EMF can make you sick, but working in EMF will also keep you sick.

View this video and be shocked how easy it is to be exposed without knowing.

Video - Trifield meter - EMF in the workplace

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Trifield Meter in action - Examples of exposure in the workplace

The Trifield meter is a wonderfully easy to use device (EMF Meter) for detection, measurement and assessment of electronic pollution (EMF, EMR, Electrosmog, Electrostress).

Read more about EMF and Geopathic Stress on the Geovital Academy website.

Here you see us take a walk through some seemingly normal places of work. Most people can not feel this radiation, but as you see it is there.

There is much research available, as you watch this, keep in mind that 2 to 12mG has shown to block the anti-cancer action of our hormone Melatonin.

View report on PubMed:

A Trifield meter is a must have for every home buyer,

natural therapist and health conscious person.

Available through Geovital Academy/OxyMed for just AU$ 195 plus postage including a FREE copy of the Geovital Academy 'Trifield Meter User Guide'

AND a FREE 30 min consult should you need it.

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